Monday, August 24, 2009

A list of my DIY Projects:
1. Aisle runner (started, materials purchased)
2. Will You be my Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Card? (Done/ handed-out)
3.Bridal Newsletter (1st edit. done, working on 2ND)
4. Cake topper (done)
5. Bridal Party T-shirt
6. Bridesmaid's Fans(materials purchased)
7. Boutonniere
8. Flip flop basket
9. Card Box (Boxes purchased)
10. Bathroom basket (baskets purchased)
12. DVD-Std (done/mailed)
13. My bouquet
14. NYC-themed OTT bags
15. Table numbers
16. Guest's Seating Chart (16X24 inches framed purchased/Layout )
17. Wishing well and Candy Table Signs (designed/ done)
18. Invites( stuff purchased)
19. Programs
20. Memorial Candle

Photos of the Dress

soon2be's Purple Wedding Blog - Wedding By Color

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The "Save the Dates", packaged and all sent out,and the comments, have been pouring in, from "wow, how creative, to "I know have nothing expected that" and comments like "you have truly set the tone for your wedding, we can't wait". well I'm glad to know all of our hard work has paid off. "Our first Diy project a hit and has motivated me to start the next one...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Grand and Colorful Exit

So i didn't want to do the whole bird seed, rice, or bubble send off.. So i was trying to think of another neat way then i came across this:
I think it would be a nice colorful idea..

I'm thinking of making this a DIY project for the B.M and me to do..
but if DIY is not your thing these wands can be found at (supper good price)
If you want to Personalize your ribbon then you can try

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mark your Calanders it's here... Our save the dates!!!

Since our romance is one of the world's great love stories (at least as far as we are concerned) we thought our save the dates should be a mini movie that related our unique story to our guests...

Some photos" of how we packaged the Save the date DVDs:



Then we placed them in a yellow padded envelops and they are ready to be sent out next week (yayyy) First DIY project done...

As well,Nicole at Pink Design Events designed our Save the date Post Cards, using some of our e- pics... That we will send to some of our not so electronic savvy guest** wink- wink**

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Veil.. Do or not to do?

What’s the single most recognizable bridal accessory? It’s not the shoes, it’s not the jewelry, it’s not even the dress…it’s the veil...

The veil first made its appearance in ancient times when brides would wear it to ward off evil spirits. Since then, it has been used to symbolize purity and innocence, to mask the identity of the bride to her future husband and more recently, it’s taken its place in the bridal world as a fashion accessory.

Shopping for a veil usually comes after the gown has been purchased. Although today our options for veils are many, the type of veil you choose will ultimately depend on your gown’s style. Here’s a little veil 101 to help get things started:

Birdcage Veil
More common for older brides, the birdcage veil extends to just over the chin. It tends to be made of Russian veiling (a wide-open weave of netting). This type of veil tends to go very well with cocktail dresses or dinner suits often worn at civil ceremonies.

Blusher Veil
This is the short veil worn over the bride’s face. It usually falls just below the collarbone and above the bust. The blusher veil tends to measure between 24 to 26 inches from the top of the headpiece to the hem of the veil. When measuring for the veil the hairstyle of the bride should be taken into consideration. The blusher veil was designed to demonstrate a bride’s innocence and modesty, so it continues to be a popular choice for most first-time brides. However, even second and third-time brides choose to wear a blusher veil. Because it hides the face, it adds to the drama of the ceremony. Traditionally it was held that the groom would lift the blusher veil to kiss the bride at the end of the ceremony. However, today many fathers choose to lift the blusher veil to kiss their daughters prior to “giving them away” to be married at the altar.

Elbow-Length Veil
Just as it sounds, this veil extends down to the elbow. It can be single or multi-layered. With the multi-layers they are cut to the same length or 1 to 2 inches apart with two to three layers.

Chapel Length Veil

The chapel length veil is best worn with a gown that has a chapel length train. This veil extends 6 to 12 inches beyond the train of the gown. Since this veil make it difficult to move around easily, it is best removed before the reception

Mantilla -

Spanish style veil that is very flowy, it can be short or long. This has elaborate lace designs and is usually very elaborate looking. This style works very well with A-line dresses, sheaths, and ball gown style dresses. If you choose this type of veil, you will want to select a very simple style dress so your dress design and veil design do not clash.

When i first started to plan one thing i knew for sure was that i didn't want a veil i couldn't imagine one of those things over my face.... then i fell in love with the idea of the bird cage veil with a flower in my hair..But after trying on my dress and seeing how important having a veil on was to my mother, i asked the sales person to try on a couple of different styles and the winner is a Two tier mantilla style veil .....(IVORY) I absolutely love it... (Thanks Mom) The lace along the sides match the lace in my dress. (Maybe soon i will post a pic of mines, have to be careful, Mr. G visits the site some times....(lol)

Hobby Lobby Savings

Hobby Lobby published their 40% off one Item coupon and they extended their 50% Bridal Event into this week!

Go online and print yours out!! There is none in my area, but for you ladies who can benefit from this info, here it goes....