Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yahhh, First Post

I have decide to start this blog as a way to vent through my next few months journey to the day i marry my Best Friend, my planning my excitement and my fears!!!

My Name is La'Tasha and i'm from New York City, I'm a recent college graduate (Psy. Major). I'm a fun loving, nurturing and truly out going person. I love fashion (shoes, shoes and more shoes). In my family and in my friend circle i am always the one that plans everyone events and now it's time to plan mine time.(go figure)

Our story:
Me and my FH (G-man ) have known each other for 14 years, during that time in high school, no one would have ever thought we would be a couple, or even thought we would be getting married but as God would have it he had greater things in store for us…

The Proposal:
On Feb 5, 2008 @7:45 pm, Mr. G planned a surprise proposal for me, during that week I had gotten the flu and felt like crap (probably looked like it to). But Mr. G insisted that we going out to eat and he said he wanted us to dress alike in matching colors (this wasn’t unusual for us) so after some serious convincing I decide fine, I would go. When Mr. G arrived at home that Thursday evening, I wasn’t ready(like always), but I later found out was a good thing because I so preoccupied with getting ready, I never realized how funny and nervous Mr. G was acting.. After about 45mins later, we were out the door and off to one of my favorite Italian restaurants. When we arrived we were seated in a booth in the back in a dim lite area.(I was thinking to my self, “Why we have to sit all the way back here?, but since I truly wasn’t feeling great, I didn’t brother to say anything”. )As we sat down we order our beverages and talked a little, but little did I know Fh had arrange for us to sit here so I couldn’t see the room located in the back of the restaurant, where he had our family and friends waiting for us. After I drinks arrived, I stood up in the mirror behind me to fix my hair (I think) when I turned back around Mr. G was on one Knee and there was a photographer walking up to us taking pics. I was totally shocked and caught off guard.. After I said yes….. He asked me to follow him; he said he had one more thing to show him… When he pushed the doors open to the private room 40 of our closet friends and family was there , dressed in purple (my favorite color) he even flew my best friends in from Atlanta and Albany… Too my surprise this was planned for about five months… (He’s the best, I’m so blessed….)

We will be married on March 27, 2010

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